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John is a free-lance, fine-art photographer based in McLean, Virginia.   In addition to pursuing his passion for photography over the years, he has helped to develop and finance infrastructure and renewable energy projects around the world. He is principally a landscape, nature photographer and architecture photographer who seeks to capture the play of light and shadow, texture, curving lines and depth of field. He aims to project a sense of grandeur, vastness and human insignificance before the forces of nature in his mountain and ocean landscape photos.    


Until the advent of digital photography, he focused on black & white natural light nature photography using a medium format Mamiya 645 camera and performed all of his own darkroom work.  He was inspired by a master class  with Ansel Adams in Carmel in the late 70’s.  With the advent of digital SLR cameras, his darkroom has become idle.  All of the photos in this collection were taken in natural light with minimal cropping and lightly processed using Lightroom CC for conversion to black & white, color balance, contrast, spot correction and sharpness.


John's photos currently being exhibited in the juried award winning MPAartfest, the 14th annual McLean Project for the Arts art fair that has previously been held on the McLean green.  This year, due to the Covid - 19 pandemic, the artfest has gone virtual during a two week presentation from October 4-18 of the works of 52 artists, including 10 photographs that appear on MPAartfest Tab.  Please view and purchase John's work at this show at
His photos have also appeared in the juried 2016 2-person Photoworks Gallery show entitled "Vastness of Space", The Washington Post, San Francisco Magazine, the Paris Herald Tribune and a book entitled Peruvian Street Lives. While living and working in West Africa, he was a stringer for the Associated Press and provided  stock draught photographs from the Sahel in Niger. He has self-published numerous coffee table  books of photographs, including Reflections and Reflections in Color, selected from forty years of photographs  John's photos are owned by several private and corporate collectors. 
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